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What is the most important part of your moving plan? Depending on which route you go, we would say that your most crucial decision is picking the right movers Chicago. Because not all companies are the same and not all of them offer adequate services.

In order to find the perfect company for your moving needs, you have to analyze your situation. Are you looking just for people to load up a truck and transport your items, or do you need professional packing services as well? Do you have special items that may need additional expertise (such as a piano, very large furniture, etc.)? All these things need to be addressed when you select a good moving company.

If you are looking for good moving companies, be sure to check out all the services we cover. We believe we can work together to give you the moving experience that you want!

Moving Tips

We know that some people like to attempt moving on their own first. That is completely fine with us, because we know that the financial aspect of the move is not a light thing to consider. Our ultimate goal is to provide a great moving experience for all people and if that means you need to go for a DIY move, so be it! We can still help you with giving you a few tips.

Our most important tip is to not neglect a proper research. A lot of people think it is easy to just decide to move and do it, but that’s never really the case. Why? Because as easy as it sounds it is pretty demanding and often takes more time than you think.

For starters, you don’t really know how to pack efficiently. And most people do indeed rate packing as one of the worst aspects of moving. So do your research on the best packing practices in order to be at least a bit proficient in that skill.

Another equally important tip is to use high quality boxes for your move. Don’t get fooled by the idea that you can just pickup whatever box you want and use that. Most cardboard boxes (especially if they are not designed for moving) are not nearly as sturdy as you’d want them to be. They can’t even handle a few bumps, so they should only be used for light and non-fragile items. Anything else needs a proper container.

On a similar note – you can rent plastic boxes for cheap, so don’t think you need to shell out tons of bucks on that. Along with that you should also buy wrapping supplies as these can be just as crucial. They will take care of the padding and may also serve as quite the good scratch protection.

Moving Services

An interesting thing about moving is that there are a lot of services that fall under that basic term. Depending on what you want and what kind of move you are going for, you may want to choose different companies, based only on what they provide in terms of services. We are proud to say that our list of services is extremely comprehensive and below you can see a brief description of each one.

International Moves

Moving overseas is difficult, but manageable, especially if you go with the right moving company. We can assist you with moving everything straight to the airport, but we don’t have a right to take care of the move on the other side of the trip. That is something you’d have to resolve with a moving company overseas.

Long Distance

Americans seem to be used to moving across the country, but only to a degree. Even if you like it, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a stressful experience. Moving long distance can take its toll on everyone, which is why you need a proper company to handle it, and it cannot be done by random people. If you want the best service possible, make sure you give us a call and will help you transition to your new home in another state as easy as possible!

Local Moving

Statistically, most people move at the local level. Whether you switch cities for a better job offer, or you’d like that nice condo down the street, local moving is at the core of our services. We are extremely efficient at it and can give you a hand any time you call! We can give you a free quote so you can start planning the process immediately. That way you will rid yourself of the stress that comes with scheduling a move, looking through list of potential companies and so on!

Government Moves

If you are a government agency, we would like you to know that we are proud to serve you! Our expertise in moving will be extremely beneficial as we have vast knowledge and practice in both local and long distance moves, business and residential relocation. Our extensive experience allows us to be efficient at the moving task, which is especially necessary when talking about government moves on a short notice.

Business Moves

Moving a business can be a tricky thing. Especially if the company has no proficiency with it. Luckily, here at MovingCompaniesForYou you can rest assured that your business move will be handled with utmost care and appreciation. We are here to do the most efficient move possible, so you can get your office or warehouse back to work with no additional or unnecessary downtimes. Be sure to check out more about our services and give us a call for a quick quote and booking options.


An important part of moving is figuring out how to downsize, if you are moving to a smaller apartment, or how to fit moving out and moving in together on a tight schedule. Sometimes that is just impossible, which is why we also offer temporary storage solutions, where your items can stay for a set amount of time. Our services are extremely affordable so you don’t have to stress over your schedule all that much!

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