Long Distance

Long distance moving

So you are about to move long distance? What do you actually now about the process? The fact is simple – it isn’t an easy thing to do, especially if you try to go at it by yourself. And while there are many moving companies Chicago that may help you, if you don’t do your homework you may get a bad experience. By now you are probably wondering what is there to know that can actually ruin an entire move. Well, there are at least three things, which you have not considered – not all movers are equally as fair, well-priced and reputable. Not all moves are that easy to handle if you don’t actually know what you want moved. And not all times are great for moves. Let’s unpack all of these!

Go For The Better Mover

It is crucial that the moving company you choose can actually handle a long distance move without a problem. If it can’t than what are you going to do if you have already hired them and given money upfront? In the best case scenario you will lose the money. In the worst case, your entire schedule will get torn to pieces. So do your research on each company you consider and make sure to check out our other services pages, where we give other tips on how to handle choosing between the different moving companies Chicago. They will be helpful and you may learn things you have never known.

What Should You Move?

Most people make the mistake of actually moving their entire home along with all the things that actually belong in the trash. Don’t make the same mistake, as it comes off quite expensive and you end up taking space out of your new place. Here is what to do – go through your items and sort out the ones that you don’t want in your new home. That way you will be able to either give them to charity, throw them away or simply give them as gifts. Whatever the case is you don’t need them, so why bother taking them with you and paying for them?

When Is The Best Time For Moving?

While local moves can be handled throughout the year with relative easy, that is not the case for long-distance once. Firstly, it isn’t easy to book a mover during the so-called moving season (spring-summer). Winter moves are OK, but Chicago winters are harsh and many moving companies Chicago may not operate in snow storms, which can again not suit your schedule well. So if you can, book your company weeks or even months in advance – as soon as you know the exact date (or at least approximate dates) of the move.